Embah was a kind,caring and wonderful man who was loved and gave love back. I remember fishing with Embah and Rizki where I caught 5 fish in one day( a personal record on the best day of my life). If it hadn’t been for Embah,I would have never caught one. Ifonly he was still here.

I remember when he took me and Rizki to the mall. We bought T-shirts and clothes, bought ice cream and food, played in Timezone for over an hour,it was the time of my life. He let us do anything we wanted. If he was here, I wish we could do that again as it was perfect.

One day,he took my family out to the coolest zoo,Taman Safari where we saw coolanimals such as tigers, elphants, parrots and more. Embarrasing but I even rode a pony.We bought cool souveneirs such as Giraffe hats and Taman Safari shirts.We also played with an Asain elephant. I wish we could go again.

I felt like dying for him when I got the news that Embah had passed away.It was a gut wrenching day for me and my family. I cried eventually knowing the fact I was never going to talk to him again or even see him again.

There were many things people missed about Embah; his looks,himself,personality and more. I will miss his famous smile. The reason behind it is because whenever you would look at him, he always smiled no matter what. It was like he was forbidden to get angry or be sad and that is what I loved about him. The only person I knew that always smiled.That is what I will trully miss.

May Allah reward you with paradise as there is no paradise without Embah.I will never stop loving you Embah just as you never stopped loving me.

Thariq Maulana